I love my vegemite, it's strong as hell and black as night

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A (little bit more than) few snaps taken when my parents did what they were promising for a few years and took me for a trip Down Under. As you may guess, we took it as a perfect opportunity to chanel our inner Griswolds and unintentionally got into way too many funny situations, like getting a bit too drunk while sitting next to the Opera House, being lost in Sydney in the middle of the night, eating breakfasts with kangaroos, visiting more ZOO's than a normal person would probably have in their lifetime and getting into a real life hazard situation while trying to drive the other (wrong) side of the road than in Europe. I've also learnt that koalas are as soft as you'd imagine them to be, Aussies don't say "cheers mate" that often, UGGs are unfortunately still in fashion, you don't have to eat sushi in a fancy restaurant and Canberra actually is the biggest shithole of them all. And even though it's hard to top New York, Sydney is very high on my "cities I could peacefully die in" list. I'll definitely be back soon! P.S. The Garden are AMAZING live. Fact.
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