About me

Hey hey! Let's make it clear at the very beginning - this place is neither a proper diary nor a fashion/travel/food/music blog. It might be all or none of it at the same time. I treat it as a perfect space to share things that I like and ramble about things I dislike - and you should too. We can all love/hate something together!

So… hi again. My name is Kate. Actually - it's Katarzyna (or shortly: Kasia), but if you can't pronounce it, I'm perfectly satisfied with the English equivalent. At the moment I still live in my homeland which is (if you didn't notice that already) Poland, but I feel it's yet to change. I spend the majority of my time travelling/dreaming about travelling to some other countries anyway. So if you ever come to Poland (especially to the very beautiful city called Wrocław) and see a long-haired brunette with a red lipstick on that you might suspect to be a Zooey D. fan - there's a big chance that it's me.

My main reasons to travel (except the marvelous fact of getting to see some beautiful places all around the world) are bands. These things are wonderful, aren't they? Not only they please you with their music, but also give you the opportunity to see the world and meet some awesome people. Never mind the countless amount of sleepless nights, sore throat, bruises, tears or money you have to spend - it's all worth it, believe me. Ahh, I probably like bands too much. Some might call it an obsession - I call it love. I'm not a groupie though! It's all about music.

Speaking of music, I chose myself a profession that is very suitable with my hobby. I kind of always knew the ordinary way of living wouldn't be right for me, so when the time to choose a Uni/course has come, I went for journalism. And that's what I do - every Monday afternoon I talk about music in this magic thing called radio. The show is called "British is better" - because I'm British at heart.

There's much more to life than bands though. Even if I'm not very interested in politics, current affairs or the newest scandals, I am very much into the cultural/artistic side of life. So if you want to talk about a movie/tv series, a book that you've read or that new Valentino collection you've seen - feel free to share it with me. I might not be an expert, but I honestly enjoy talking about it more than anything. We can even meet and eat a cake together - I'm actually kinda good when it comes to baking!

You may wonder why I chose such a strange URL - "Unfollow baby". Honestly, it doesn't even have a secret meaning - it's just a funny word play that I once saw on Fred Macpherson's twitter and totally loved it. It's connected with one of my favourite songs. The blog title ("R.I.P. BAD TIMES") is one of my words to live by and it belongs to the wonderful Jack Ridley III.

Thanks for the visit - I hope you've enjoyed yourself!