I don't think I'm ever gonna know when I act right

"I've got this really mad urge to start a diary up again."

It's funny how I felt the need to do this right after I (finally!) finished reading My Mad Fat Diary. By "this" I mean starting a new blog up. I've never been the best nor, more importantly, the most dedicated of bloggers, but after looking for a place to ramble for a very long time, I thought it might actually be a good idea. I shared it with some of my friends and they seemed to like it, so in case of any emotional/psychological damage - blame them. Or don't - I hope it won't be necessary. I'm not that bad if you get to know me!

The thing with me and blogs is that I always get utterly excited at the beginning but lose all the motivation after a few posts. Not because I'm too lazy to write anything (ok, I am a bit, but that's not the point) - it's just the irrational fear of sharing my life with the Internet. I'm so scared of haters - and you get a lot of them when some incredibly good things happens to you. And I consider myself to be an extremally lucky person. But hey, I can't live my life hiding under a blanket just because I'm scared of a couple of small-minded people, can I? It's time to finally declare war on them.

So, in conclusion - this place will be mainly about those good things. I asked my mum and she said they are worth sharing with the world, so I'll try my best to do that. And as I'm still not sure if I'm doing the right thing, I'm gonna leave you with the new song by that incredible NYC band called Bad Girlfriend which perfectly describes my feelings right now:

Loads of love,

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