Merry Christmas from Skaters


There's something very special about this mix of excitement and thrill when you find out your favourite band is back. Because you know, it's not exactly that easy to be holding that noble title. There's loads of expectations. Luckily enough, the band I'm gonna talk about didn't let down. And I'm kinda starting to believe there's no such thing as disappointment when it comes to Skaters.

To be fair, I can't even remember when exactly I realised that Skaters actually came to the the highest top of my favourite bands. I remember them being one of those late-night-TV-watching discoveries. Obviously, I've heard the name before - I might have even ended up at two of their gigs (first one at Live at Leeds 2013 and the second when they supported Palma Violets in the US) if I wasn't SO SLOW. But it wasn't till the Spring time in 2014 that I actually heard their music for the first time. I remember seeing their video for "Miss Teen Massachusetts" ridiculously late at night (or extremelly early in the morning, if it sounds better) thanks for my pretty messed up sleeping patterns and being totally amazed by it. Both sound and vision were so aesthetically pleasing that I spent the next few weeks listening to their debut album "Manhattan" almost all the time. Not only it was the perfect soundtrack to my next trip to New York, but it also became one of my favourite albums of 2014 (to say the least). And even though not much time has passed, I almost squealed when I've heard they already have a new material.


So far, we could hear two bits out of it. "Save Her Something Special" is dark, bit electronic, with dirty sounding vocals and a beginning that you might be expecting from some cheesy 2000's pop band. And then there comes "Mental Case" - the super enchanting track with a sweet melody and bitter lyrics that makes you listen to it on repeat because it's so true. They are both very fresh and very different from each other, and what's more important - totally new from what you could find on "Manhattan".

To understand that difference, just head to their website and say hello to their special Advent calendar. "Special', because your treats are even better than candies - and they are called demos. The stuff you can find there is full of actual gems - some of them more punky ("Stay Off My Side"), some are a lot softer and Weezer-like ("Free-er Than Cat Power" or the cover of The Shining Twins' "Greasy Bear"). And even though it's all pretty lo-fi, there are songs in there that could have easily become singles, like "I Don't Need The Tears", which is a total banger. They are all a perfect filler for the gap between their first album and newest stuff. At the moment it's only six tracks in there, but when you listen to them, you will definitely go back to check the new ones every single day.

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